Projektchor 2000     "The Cry Of The Poor"
Das Projekt von Siegi Hoffmann. Livemitschnitt des sensationellen Konzertes in der Stiftskirche St. Paul.


DRCD-0002 Projektchor 2000 "The Cry Of The Poor"

   Spielzeit: 73:03

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1. Psalm 36
2. The cry of the poor (John Foley)
3. Dona nobis (Audrey Snyder)
4. No belear mentir (Trad. Argentinien)
MISA CRIOLLA (Ariel Ramirez)
5.     Kyrie
6.     Gloria
7.     Credo
8.     Sanctus
9.     Agnus Dei
10. All my trials (Trad. Arr. N. Luboff)
11. The welcoming table (J.S. Ballard)
12. Were you there (Trad.)
13. Ride the chariot (Trad. Arr. R. Smith)
14. Freedom-Free at last (Trad. Arr. J. Hairston)
15. So´s I can write my name    (Trad. Arr. Noble Cain)
16. Piamas y´kullawas (Trad. Bolivien)
17. Los reyes magos (Ariel Ramirez)
18. Ave Maria (Franz Biebl)
 19.  An Irish blessing (Trad.)

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